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David is an experienced veterinarian who does clinical examinations, makes suggestions for positive health outcomes and preventive strategies, and gives logical advice in discussions with our clients.

  • At The Ark, we offer a comprehensive range of diagnostic services.

  • Most tests are performed in-house and will yield same day results. We are very happy to send our histopathology to Independent Veterinary Pathology, who provide a very professional and efficient service.

Specialists such as Dr Karen Hazell are often consulted for more complex procedures and ultrasound imaging.  Diagnoses and treatment options are discussed fully with our clients, so that the best possible quality of life can be achieved for your companions.



Veterinarians at The Ark operate every week day, doing surgeries such as, but not restricted to:

  • desexing

  • lump/tumour removals

  • dentistry

  • cruciate and patella surgeries

  • eyelid surgeries

  • fine needle aspirates

  • biopsies and cytology

Most surgeries are done as day surgeries, so that our patients go home the same day. Complex surgeries are performed by specialist Dr. Matt Holmes.


Pet Dental Care Services

Healthy gums and teeth are important for good health, and are often overlooked.

Dentistry is a large and important part of our surgical practice. We offer general descaling and polishing as well as performing extractions and dental assessments as required.

Strategies for good dental health are discussed and encouraged to reduce the need for your pet to have dental treatment under anaesthetic.



We are firm believers in puppy classes, and exercising your pets' minds as well as their bodies. Rewarding positive behaviour and being consistent are principles we reinforce.

We can assist with issues such as:

  • anti-social and destructive conduct

  • aggression and separation anxiety.

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Weight Control

At The Ark we have developed our own weight control program, designed to help your pets stay within a healthy weight range.

Regardless of diet, whether commercial or home-cooked, our program can prescribe the right amount to feed, bones to give, treats to use, and a feeding routine.

Regular weigh-ins, encouragement and feeding advice specifically tailored to your needs will help your pet to achieve an ideal weight.



Digital xrays and ultrasound are available diagnostic modalities at The Ark. Each has its own use in particular circumstances and can help in arriving at a diagnosis.


Pet Products

We stock a comprehensive range of Royal Canin pet food, Royal Canin and Hills prescription diets, flea, tick, and worming products, neutriceuticals for arthritis and skin care, and Virbac medicated shampoos. 

Our prices are competitive and generally cheaper than the big pet store retailers. As well, when you buy from us we will give the right products and advice for your needs, great service, and take home convenience. If we don't have what you are after, we can order it, or offer you a similar product.

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