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Take Care of Your Pet

Resources & How-to's

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Dental Health & Preventative Care

'Flip the lip' and have a good look at your pets teeth. We have listed a few of the common issues we see in our clinic. 


Urinary Tract Health

Bladder stones, urinary tract infections, incontinence and Feline Lower Tract Disease (FLUTD) are discussed in detail.

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Allergy Skin

Causes, treatment and management of this frustrating skin condition.


Common household things toxic to your pet

This is not a complete list, but rather the more common causes of toxicities or harm to domestic pets that we see in our practice.

dog with cat - managing renal

Arthritis & Senior Pet Care

A look at the processes and treatments for arthritis.

Is your pet 7 years of age or over? They are now a senior citizen! With age comes added care. There are common signs that something may be amiss and if diagnosed and treated, early your pet can live a longer happy, pain-free life.

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Canine Hip Dysplasia

Hip dysplasia, an abnormal formation of the hip joint, occurs in many mammals. It is a serious medical problem for both humans and dogs, although it is far more prevalent in dogs.



Uncover the most common behavioural issues we see at The Ark Veterinary Surgery


Heart Health

Coughing, changes in breathing and lack fo energy can indicate heart issues in your pet.



Common malignancies seen in dogs and cats - including signs, diagnosis and treatment.


Puppy Care

How to care for your new puppy when you bring them home. We discuss toilet training, chewing, socialising and exercising.


Vaccinations & preventative care

Many diseases can be prevented by vaccinating your pets.
Take a look at some options to prevent heartworm, intestinal worms, fleas and ticks. As they say, prevention is better than cure!


Flea & Tick Prevention

Information about ticks and fleas, what to be aware of and products for their prevention

How To Videos

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